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October 27, 2011 at 2:06pm

Its been a long time since we properly checked in on this blog to write a post about where things are at! 

This is mainly because over the last 4 months we took on an insane workload. Not only were we producing Snapr v2 for iPhone and Android (a whole new app from the ground up) and v2 of our Snapr website, but we were also expanding the capabilities of our API to include location based gaming and building v1 of ‘Capture the Flag

Our development team which used to be comprised mainly of ‘me and Jake’ has now grown to also include Mike and Dave. Our friends at Cactuslab have continued to pitch in with iOS development on Snapr now led by Ryan, and its also been a pleasure to have been working with Theo who we contracted to build our Android app.

Our habit of office squatting continues to pay off - Gladeye (who host Snapr co-founder Eddie in Auckland) did an amazing job working on the artwork for Capture the Flag - props there to our man Pablo!

They also did a great job with the Capture the Flag facebook app built for 100% Pure NZ - did you check that out yet? (It’s only visible to people outside of New Zealand sorry)

Its a crazy time to be doing things with mobile photo sharing right now - it seems like a new app or service pops up every day. On the plus side its proof that lots of people can see the potential for this space, on the downside its tough being an underdog company hailing from the bottom of the globe.

The release cycle for Snapr definitely doesn’t end for Snapr now that we have above products in the wild. Its really just a base for what we hope is possible given the unique capabilities of our API.

Lots to talk about so hopefully this will be the first of a series of blog posts. But if we do go quiet again it probably just means things are happening.. :)


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