Snapr Dev

October 27, 2011 at 2:57pm

Aviary + Snapr = :)

Before things get crazy again I wanted to do a post about our recent partnership with Aviary.

We used the new iOS/Android native versions of Aviary’s Feather image editing SDK in both Snapr v2, and Capture the Flag.

The Feather SDK includes a full suite of creative tools for editing and adjusting images. You can do basic things like cropping, rotating, and adjusting levels, and there is also fun stuff like adding text and stickers, and a set of photo FX.

The idea is that you can easily drop the SDK into any iPhone / Android app and instantly have rich image editing functionality on hand for your users.

Integrating the Aviary editing suite for both iPhone and Android was surprisingly straight forward, we quickly had things running in all four of our products on both platforms.

In Snapr the Aviary tools seemed perfect for our users who needed to ‘finish off’ their images before sharing. There are tons of great filters apps out there right now, but lots of them don’t do basic things like cropping and minor color adjustments - this is just one way we hope that the Aviary tools can fill a gap for our users.

The other thing we are excited about is the potential for people to add fun commentary to their shots - text, stickers, drawing, and the pending meme text generator!

We can see heaps of potential in these tools and we are looking forward to seeing how they develop.

We are soon to launch v2 of our Snapr developer portal which will emphasise Snapr as a service people can use to build their own photo sharing apps, games, and communities.

As the Aviary tools develop and become more powerful we see them as being the perfect compliment to our own developer focussed offerings - the Snapr API helps people with building a social backend for their photo sharing app, while the Aviary tools take care of the creative things people want to do with their photos.

Sounds like a great match!

ps - check out the Aviary blog for an awesome write up of Snapr