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January 9, 2011 at 6:22am

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"As the proverb goes, if you can’t beat them it’s best to join them, and that’s exactly the move that Snapr made when it opened an API this month that other photo apps can use to create a social component to their own apps."

"The API will allow other photo apps to add sharing capabilities, add photo streams similar to Instagram’s, or add location-based and mapping features. Photos shared across multiple apps using Snapr’s API will contribute to Snapr’s inventory, making their own app more robust."

"If Snapr’s API does attract a significant number of developers, it will bode well for the next move the self-funded startup has planned. The next version of its own app will focus on finding friends and keeping track of what they’re up to via location-based photo feeds (it will be interesting to see if this new version can compete with Foursquare’s new photo-sharing feature).”


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